What Are Silicone Edge Graphics?


A lot has changed since the days when flickering neon signs and store-front window decals were used for brand awareness or to attract shoppers to seasonal specials. 

Today, the printing industry has developed a hugely versatile and popular product called Silicone Edge Graphics, SEG for short. SEG has become the go-to way to create marketing signage that pops. As more people shop online, it has become vital for retailers and businesses to invest in eye-catching in-store or store-front visuals to enhance the experience of shopping.

The name ‘Silicone Edge Graphics’ refers to the technique that printers use to create these displays. It involves printing a high-resolution graphic onto a special type of fabric and placing it in a borderless frame. This allows for a clean, borderless, and modern visual display that immediately pops and draws attention.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits of SEG displays, including how they work and why they are so popular. 

How Do SEG Displays Work?

Silicone edge graphics are printed using a high-resolution dye-sublimated printing method on special tension fabric. Dye-sublimated printing technology refers to the use of heat transfer to apply an image to fabric or other materials that are sublimation-friendly.

Vera SEG

During the process, the inks vaporize, allowing them to better penetrate the fabric. This printing technology ensures vibrant colors and photo-quality image reproduction. 

Once the graphic is printed on the fabric, it is cut to size, and a silicone strip is sewn right around the entire edge of the fabric. The silicone strip fits into a recessed groove on an aluminum frame. 

As a result, the sew line becomes hidden within the frame. Pushing the silicone strip into the groove pulls the fabric tight - thereby creating a frameless, yet taut, graphic display.

How Do You Install Silicone Edge Graphics?

At Boston Retail Solutions, we offer a start-to-finish service. We provide our customers with printed and installed graphics according to their exact specifications. 

However, you can also do it yourself by ordering the frames and printed fabric separately and installing it yourself. For larger graphics, this can be tricky, (which is why our expert technicians are there to do it for you), so here are some tips:

5 Tips For Installing A Silicone Edge Graphic

  1. Fold in the stitched edge of the fabric and not only the silicone
  2. Be careful to not stretch the silicone, it will result in excess material
  3. Start by tucking in the corners first, then work out from the center towards the edges. 
  4. Do a little at a time at each of the edges rather than trying to complete one edge at a time
  5. Installation is easiest if the frame is standing upright

Check out this video of a Silicone Edge Graphic Installation for an event: SEG Frame & Graphics Set Up

Why Choose SEG Over Other Graphics Options?

Neon signs, digital displays, billboards, rigid signage, posters, and backlit kiosks have been used for decades to attract shoppers’ attention. However, these advertising mediums can look old-school, be costly, and are sometimes tricky to install or change up. 

SEG displays are perfect for retailers and event organizers who are looking for a display option that does not cost an arm and a leg and that can be installed, moved around, and stored away easily.


6 Reasons To Choose Silicone Edge Graphics

  1. They are easy to install and change out and require no tools or special training. Plus, they can be made to any size and shape specification. 
  2. When it comes to high-end signage that you need to change out periodically, SEG displays are of the most economically priced options. They save you on storing and shipping costs as the signage can easily fit into a single, small box. By choosing Boston Retail Solutions, we provide you with everything you need. This includes an LED lightbox, the fabric graphic, and frame, as well as installation, which further reduces costs. 
  3. The fabric is lightweight and foldable. Best of all, it won’t wrinkle. This ensures a smooth surface every time. Simply fold it and store it away in a bag. 
  4. SEGs mitigate the need for rigid metal framing systems that can be difficult to install and move around. Boston Retail Solutions is an authorized Matrix Frame dealer and we always have the SEG material in stock. 
  5. SEGs are flexible and you can easily pop different displays in and out of the frame for seasonal or promotional displays. This versatility allows retailers and event managers to regularly change their graphics without sacrificing quality.
  6. Silicone edge graphics are much easier to care for than most types of traditional signage. You can spot-clean using a damp cloth, steam out wrinkles during installation, and even wash smaller SEGs in your front loader.

Vera SEG

What Types of Displays Incorporate SEG Graphics?

Using SEG allows our customers to create virtually any shape and size of retail signage to suit their needs. Here are some examples:

  • Large backdrops
  • Tabletop displays
  • Portable counters
  • Wall graphics
  • Trade show booths
  • Banners
  • Standing displays
  • Signs
  • Retail graphics
  • Marketing materials
  • Barricades
  • Lightboxes


Where Are Silicone Edge Graphics Used?

Silicone Edge Graphics have been around for a while, first snapped up by retail stores for their marketing displays. Today, SEG displays are widely used, especially because they are easy to install and for the visual impact of their high-resolution graphics.

Expect to see them at museums, universities, banks, airports, trade shows, malls, and exhibitions.

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Silicone Edge Graphics With Backlighting

A really popular way to add impact to your graphics is through lightboxes with bright LED edge lighting. LEDs are economical to run and provide consistent backlighting from edge to edge. 

There are some great examples of backlight SEG displays, such as the lightboxes we created for Lululemon’s in-store display. The backlit fabric signage illuminates Lululemon stores nationwide with vivid colors that immediately attract attention.


Your Ultimate Graphic Display Solution

From the initial design concept to the final execution, Boston Retail Solutions works with you to provide a comprehensive, customer-driven service. We engage the powerful BRIX platform to execute large-scale graphics and large-print environmental wrap projects as well as lightbox signage. 

If you’re planning to get new retail graphics for your store or event display, we’re here to help. Find out how we can help you create unforgettable Silicone Edge Graphics by reaching out to us today!


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