3 Reasons Why Drywall is a Toxic Barricade

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Drywall Construction Barricades are commonly used as temporary walls in front of in-line retail stores.  The main purpose of the drywall barricade is to safely secure the construction site, blocking undesirable noise and dust during construction.  


#1 Drywall waste is bad for the environment

  • When a drywall barricade has finished its use, the barricade is torn down and disposed of in a landfill.
  • Drywall waste is very difficult to recycle.  Click to read a report on drywall waste and recycling.
Drywall Barricade Waste
  Barricade Size Square Footage Average Landfill Waste
Small 25' x 12' 300 900 lbs.
Medium 40' x 12' 480 1440 lbs.
Large 65' x 12' 780 2340 lbs. 


Our modular Boston Barricade system is reused over and over again introducing zero landfill waste, unlike the common alternative Drywall which adds an average of 1,440 lbs. of waste to landfills.  

#2 It takes too long

  • Modular barricade systems are installed quickly, ready for graphics immediately
  • Drywall is a multi-day installation.  You have multiple messy steps that cause a much longer install time, and added hassle.
  • Not only is the installation a time sponge you have the removal to deal with as well.  Think about the mess that's made right in front of your store the day before you open?  It's not pretty.  

#3 Too many vendors to coordinate

  • Most often, drywall barricades fall under the General Contractor's scope of work.  Which means you will probably over pay for their management, and the multiple trades associated with installing the dry wall barricade.
  • Designing the graphics becomes very difficult when waiting for the General Contractor to determine the size of the barricade.  Once it's figured out, there's a high probability it won't be built to the original drawing.

Using a trusted partner that can help you coordinate the size of the barricade, install quickly, and then provide and wrap the modular barricade with graphics is the way to go.  Save yourself the headaches, frustration, time and precious construction dollars by hiring the pros at Boston Retail Solutions.  

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Modular Barricades: The Better Alternative

Using a modular construction barricade for your next development project is the way to go.  They are clean, green and easy.  Especially when you take advantage of our Retail Direct program, your dedicated account manager will take the entire load off of your desk.  All we need is your construction schedule, and we handle the rest.  From survey, design, installation, graphics and removal, Boston Retail Solutions is your trusted barricade partner.  

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