11 Barricade Design Ideas that Make an Impact

modular construction barricade

Construction barricades are something you can’t go without, but they’re often boring and unsightly. The people who live and work locally will see both the barricade and the construction site as an irritant, and that’s not exactly getting off on the right foot. So, what’s the answer? Smart, forward-thinking businesses now see barricades for what they are – a massive opportunity to do something that makes an impact on the local community. 

When done right, barricades can build brand awareness, create a positive brand image, make complaints less likely, humor passersby, and create excitement for what is to come. It’s a cost-effective way to give your brand and new location (or store revamp) exposure without getting tied into billboard contracts. When choosing your design, carefully consider your branding and the emotions you want to evoke around this new site. 

If you’re ready to do something different with your barricades and choose designs that make a difference, read on for 11 barricade design ideas. 

1. Make a Strong First Impression 

Your barricade is your opportunity to get noticed, so don’t waste it. If you’re moving to a new location, people may not recognize your brand and your barricade will be their first touchpoint with it. We all know the value of good branding, so put your best foot forward and attract the right customers with strong branding.

eye catching pattern

For example, If your brand is known for a certain pattern or color palette, consider using that on your barricade. For example, Vans is well known for their iconic black-and-white check, which they used here to not only grab the eye but create motion in the design.

Psycho Bunny Barricade
When you’re considering the design for the barricade, think about its placement. The Vans barricade stands out against the dark surroundings. Similarly, the Psycho Bunny barricade stands out against the white neutral tones of everything around it – there’s no way to walk past it and not take note.

2. Drive Traffic to Your Social Channels

Use your barricades as an opportunity to guide potential customers to your social channels or to a landing page, where you can ask them to sign up for updates as to when your new location will open, or to a special discount to shop online with you. Incorporating a QR code is an easy and interactive way to do this that will help you to start creating a relationship with new customers.  The more you can do to invite potential local customers into your world now, the more likely they are to return once your location opens.

Space Barricade

3. Make the Most of the Space

Your barricade design is just as important as your storefront, so make the most of the space you have. You have endless possibilities, so consider what your audience will connect with. Are they attracted to beautiful aesthetics? Motivational slogans? Political statements? Don’t be afraid to go bold – people will connect with you on what you’re not afraid to do or say.  Another great way to create fast connections via your barricade design is to use large images of people that will evoke an emotional response in those passing by.

Lululemon Fashion Barricade

4. Don't Overdo It

While you should make use of your space, don’t be afraid to keep it simple. While you want to make a splash and get noticed, your messaging also needs to be easily understood in the time it takes for someone to walk or even drive past, depending on your location. If all you need to do is tell people that your brand is coming to that location in the Spring/Summer of that year or even next year, do so.

Aerie Barricade Wrap

5. Share Your Message

A barricade design is a perfect place to share a message, whether that be the inspirational message you share, need-to-know information, or both (such as can be seen here on the Aerie barricade).  Aerie has balanced emotional and evocative imagery with on-brand colors and messaging, while still getting the essential information out that their other location is still open.

Adidas Barricade

6. Help Potential Customers Visualize Using Your Product

If you’re establishing a new location, you can generate interest by showcasing the products you’ll sell in-store on your barricades. You can simply use your seasonal products with price points, or show a breakdown of your product and all the details that go into it, such as where the materials have been sourced or special tech features.  Don’t forget to evoke that emotional connection – use imagery that showcases how your product(s) will make your customer’s life better, even if that’s simply feeling great about the jeans they’re wearing. The message doesn’t need to be deep, it just needs to be clear.

good cause barricade7. Take a Stand & Promote a Good Cause

Being eco-friendly and sustainable isn’t just something for quirky brands anymore, it’s something every brand on the planet should keep in mind. If your brand is taking a stand on climate change, animal testing, or fairtrade, share your message on your barricades. This barricade for The Body Shop is a simple and straightforward example that stands out from the surroundings with their bold, on-brand color palette and states where they stand on matters their customers most care about. Their local ideal customer will know that they can happily walk into the store once it’s open and buy, without compromising on their values.

8. Rep Your City

There’s a reason why people cheer for the name of their city at musical events – they love being recognized and have pride in their city. You can evoke this pride and gain acceptance early if you recognize that their city is unique from all others. You don’t have to forget your roots, either – you can see a great example of how this can be done in our case study of Uniqlo’s barricades in Denver.

H&M barricade

9. Recruit Talent

Your biggest fans are who you want working with you, so use your barricades to get noticed and start recruiting. Your barricades are the perfect place to advertise for local talent, so use your barricades to let them know that you're looking and where they can go to take their next steps.

10. Show Them the Way

If your barricades are being used to renovate a part of your store, or if you have another location nearby, use your barricades to direct customers on where to go next to shop with you. Ask them to follow a trail or the arrows to find the door, or show them a map they can follow to get to your secondary or temporary location.

Water Grill Anchor Prop Barricade

11.Use Cool Props

Consider incorporating an interactive element into your barricades or use props that can’t go unnoticed. For example, consider using interactive screens so potential customers can browse your catalog, create Instagrammable backdrops (perfect for spreading word of mouth and creating some virality), or a large prop or statue that says you have arrived. The Water Grill restaurant in Vegas did this perfectly.

How Barricades Work 

When you work with us with Boston Retail Solutions, we’ll take care of all the hard work for you. We survey, coordinate with the mall, general contractor, and artists to ensure your barricade is in place on time, and on-brand. We offer custom sizing and our modular barricades are eco-friendly, as we always reuse materials. You can find further examples of our barricades here. If you’d like to find out more about how you can work with us to design your eye-catching barricades, click here


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