Why Using 3M Vinyl for Vehicle Wrap and Retail Graphics is the Right Choice

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3M Vinyl is the Best-in-Class 

As far as we are concerned, 3M is the industry standard. Yes, there are cheaper alternatives, but no other manufacturer offers the caliber of 3M’s vinyl or shares its qualities and consistency. It's our go-to vinyl.

But it’s not what it does for us that is important; it’s what it does for you, our clients. We hope to achieve customer satisfaction 100% of the time, and 3M vinyl helps us in that aim.

Why Use 3M Vinyl?

3M is known globally in many sectors for the high-performance of its products. The company offers cutting-edge solutions for the printing industry as we strive to give our customers the ultimate in quality, longevity and versatility. Retail marketing has grown up in recent years. It is no longer just barricades and in-store graphics. Wall wraps and vehicle wraps have become the norm, and with 3M products, we can answer all your needs.

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Our Go-To: 3M Print Wrap Film IJ180mC

Although we may need other 3M products from time-to-time, 3M Print Wrap Film IJ180mC has become our go-to. It’s a wrappable clear, metallic or white film that allows slideability, non-visible air release and easy removability. Along with its Comply Adhesive, which utilizes microtechnology, you get tough, beautiful looking and bubble-free graphics.

IJ180mC is the perfect print medium for opaque signs, windows and glass; buildings and walls; and trucks, trailers and vehicle graphics. In fact, pretty much any application you care to mention, which is why we love it: performance and adaptability.

The 3M MCS Warranty

3M believes in their products, too. Unlike some warranties, its MCS Warranty is of real value to the customer. For a company to get certification from 3M requires training, registering of printing and ink combinations, and an on-site inspection. It is not an empty promise but reassures clients that they are getting the best results from the best combination of products.

Boston Retail Solutions are committed to a matchless level of quality and service, and the MCS Warranty from 3M demonstrates our dedication to that ideal. The businesses that choose us for their graphic needs can rest assured that they are getting durable and resilient products that retain high image quality. Every part of the process has been scientifically refined and tested to ensure that you are getting the finest quality results. 

You have invested time and money into your business and know how important graphics are to your brand’s success. The 3M MCS Warranty guarantees the highest levels of quality, reliability and dependability. Boston Retail Solutions are delighted to be part of 3M’s warranty program and believe that the partnership with 3M products allows our customers to relax and know they are getting the best graphics that money can buy.

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There is a saying that you are only as good as your last job. That’s why Boston Retail Solutions regard every client as equally important, whether it is a giant corporation or the smallest startup. Everyone gets our premium service. 3M products, backed by their MCS Warranty, help us deliver the finest graphics available to each and every customer. 

Boston Retail Solutions has been in the large-scale graphics printing business for over 30 years and is proud to be considered the go-to printer by many top brands nationwide. Part of our popularity is down to the skills of our team, from design, through manufacturing, to installation and teardown. We make sure that we hire only the best.

But part of our success is owed to the products we use. If our designers and technicians are the best, then our materials and equipment must be, too. We insist on utilizing only the best grand-format printers, with the highest quality latex inks, and print only on the finest vinyl money can buy.

For us, the choice of vinyl is simple – it’s 3M all the way.

If you’re planning to get new retail graphics, we’re here to help. You can find out more about working with us and reach out to us by clicking here.

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