Breaking Barriers to Fight Hunger

We build up barriers for retail construction, when it comes to fighting hunger we break them down.  

When Westfield approached us with the opportunity to participate in their Canstruction event we jumped on the opportunity.  We wanted to make as big of an impact as possible, in this worthwhile cause, we volunteered to build a display at all 5 participating mall locations!  Our team of designers stepped up to design a structure that could be built at 5 different locations across the country on the same night, using limited resources.   

We sourced over 15,000 cans for the event and that was no small feat, especially during a can goods shortage due to COVID.  Our talented team came together, some even on their own time to stack cans to fight hunger at each of the Westfield malls on September 9th, 2021.  

Canstruction_SPILL_STRAIGHT (3) We created 3d renderings of the display in advance to determine how many cans we needed, and to agree on our design concept.  Each display used 3,000 cans and the entire structure was built using cans with only 2 layers of acrylic to support the top and middle.

Canned food was sourced from 9 different stores across the US to supply the 15,000 cans used for the event.  

When it came time to build we deployed over 20 team members to deliver, unbox, and set up the displays at each of the locations.  Our team worked hard through the night to build the display by the time the mall opened the next day. 

Here are some pictures of the installation:


imagejpeg_0 6



Links below to view the other exhibits and vote:

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